Monday, October 20, 2014

Teacher Teaching Teachers

Today was a two hour late start day for all students in Minnetonka, which provided time for all 740+ teachers to attend staff development classes. This was a great opportunity for teachers to learn new things to further develop their technology skills. At our elementary and secondary schools, teachers chose from a number of great options listed below. Many teacher leaders at each site taught and trained their colleagues. These trainings were part of our job embedded staff development. Topics ranged from hands on practice with various apps to philosophical discussions about teaching best practices and round table discussions about what the future may have in store.

Excelsior Elementary Session:
(Not all sites did technology training today.)
7:30-8:30 am
  • Computer Coding Excelsior teachings learned more about the computer coding curriculum and had hands on practice. Teachers in grades K, 1, and 2 practiced using BeeBots and Kodable. Teachers in grades 3-5 worked with Tynker software (pictured above).
Middle School Sessions:

Session 1 (8:15-9:15), Session 2 (9:15-10:15)
  • What’s New with Google? Come and learn what new features are available with Google forms, Google Drive, Google Chrome Extensions, Google Drive Apps, Google Presentations and many more.  Enjoy tips and tricks to using these tools in your class or as teacher productivity tools.
  • New to iPads - Come with Questions!!! (focus for new iPad teachers, 6th grade teachers, paraprofessionals) This session will provide an opportunity to ask questions, practice the document cycle (getting an assignment from Schoology, working on it in Notability, and turning it into Schoology).  We would like to have a large section of Q & A so that you walk away with your questions answered.
  • What’s New with Schoology? Learn about all the amazing new features for iPads in Schoology.  You will have time to use those new features and see how the apps can work for YOU.   Leave with a quick formative assessment that you can use in your classes, too
  • Haiku Deck Come and learn about the presentation Haiku Deck (iPad App also available on your computer)!  This session will not only inform you about ways to use Haiku Deck in your class but also allow you time to walk away with a finished Haiku Deck for your classes.
  • App Smash - Pic Collage & ThingLink Come and learn about these two apps that blend very well together (aka smash two apps to make one product).  Come with lesson materials to create a tool for your class work - perhaps an assignment demonstration or a tool to use with your students.
  • Organizational Learning Tools - Popplet, Quizlet, Flashcardlet, HomeworkList Come and explore these wonderful learning tools to see how you can incorporate them as a natural part of your class.  Popplet is a mind mapping app, Quizlet is an app and web-based vocab tool, Flashcardlet is a partner app to Quizlet and Homework  List is a planner app.  You will walk away with some hands on experience of each of these to enhance your instruction.
High School Sessions Session 1: 7:50 - 8:40, Session 2: 8:55 - 9:45
  • Google Docs / Google Drive: Core Functions* Google Docs/Drive offers access to files on any device and the ability to simultaneously collaborate on common spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents.  In this session core functions of using Google Docs/Drive in your classroom will be covered. Learn how to use Google to create, share and organize documents, forms, presentations and spreadsheets. Learn how to use editing tools (changing formatting, inserting images, sharing settings, etc.) and understand some differences between Google on a desktop and Google on an iPad.  In addition, learn how Google/Google drive works when students are using their iPads. Expect some direct instruction and  time to practice creating a document that can you can use with your students. *This course is designed for teachers who are not currently using Google Docs/Google Drive as part of their instructional practice.
  • Formative Tools on the iPad (Geddit and Socrative) What is Geddit, you ask?  Think of a multi-functional clicker tool combined with student checks for understanding.  Students can electronically “Check In” at various times during your lesson and raise a virtual hand in an informative and non-threatening way.  Geddit allows teachers to use both on-the-fly questions (Quick Questions) and pre-made questions.  Each question type has the ability for students to “Check In” after they have answered.  Learn how to set up a class, run a lesson, and get/give student feedback.   Newer features of Socrative will also be highlighted if time allows.  **Please come to the class with a Geddit and Socrative account pre-made to maximize instructional time.  (Go to and to create teacher accounts.)
  • Presentation Tools on the iPad (Haiku Deck and Explain Everything) The iPad can be a powerful way for students to share ideas with their teacher and classmates. Gone are the days of reserving computer labs just so students can put together PowerPoints.  Both Explain Everything and Haiku Deck can be efficient tools to make classroom presentations on the iPad.  This session will include a quick tutorial of each tool, and then time to practice with the apps.  Student workflow from iPads to Schoology will also be discussed. **Please come to class with Explain Everything and Haiku Deck downloaded.  
  • Pages Workshop Pages is a word processing app on for the iPad.   An overview of core functions will be discussed including how to create, format, save, edit, insert images and charts, and use a template.  In addition, workflow from iPad to PC using iCloud, Pages to Schoology and Pages to Turnitin will be demonstrated.  A brief explanation of the differences between Google Docs and Pages will be provided.  Overview of Turnitin app grading features will be shared.  This session will include a quick tutorial of each tool, and then time to practice with the apps with the assistance of the trainer.  
  • What’s Next Round Table:  Technology in our classrooms (Pictured above) Are you already comfortable using formative assessment tools, presentation tools, and Google? In this roundtable discussion, participants should plan to share an idea and explore ways to authentically extend technology integration.  Goals of the session will include sharing current practices; brainstorming new ways to utilize current technology tools like Schoology, Notability, iPads; and discussing strategies to enhance current technology practices.  Possible discussion starters:  What ways can Schoology and Notability promote student learning and engagement?  How can two or more apps be combined to produce a student product (App Smashing)?  What issue are you having that the group can help solve? How can we use technology as an additional tool to promote reflection and metacognition with our students?   How will/should our assessment of student learning change? How have student roles in their own learning changed, and what are the implications?

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