Monday, October 30, 2017

Top 10 Tips for Successful 1:1 Implementations

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Last week at our biannual Minnetonka School District Site Visit, one of the breakout sessions for interested attendees was our Top 10 Tips for Successful 1:1 Implementations. Even though our 1:1 program is with iPads, the tips for success apply to any device or platform.

I have written about some of the tips listed below in the past in detail as an individual blog post. You can view the presentation slides farther below which contain links to further information about each of these tips. I hope ideas listed here are beneficial for you. I also hope to write about each of these tips in more detail in the future.
  1. Execute the Planning & Rollout Carefully & Deliberately 
  2. Flip Student Training
  3. Continual & Differentiated Teacher Training
  4. Make Classroom Management an Early & Continuous Focus
  5. Use tools for Formative Assessment 
  6. Promote Collaboration with Google Apps
  7. Have a robust LMS as the Hub of Student Learning 
  8. Inspire Creation vs. Consumption
  9. Teach Students to Be Responsible & Focused
  10. Parent Education is Critical

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