Monday, June 5, 2017

Harnessing the Power of Technology in Physical Education


Physical education students at Minnetonka use their iPads in a variety of ways to enhance their learning. At both of our middle schools, physical education teachers use technology in their instruction and take advantage of the students each having an iPad. Here a just a few of they ways how:

One of the many benefits of an iPad in physical education classes is its two cameras and easy to use video editing software. For example, Minnetonka students use these to document their learning and teach others fitness and sports skills. One such project students enjoy is creating instructional videos of themselves teaching skills such as soccer, basketball, or hockey or teaching fitness activities like jump roping, yoga, or pilates. Two example student projects are shown above. This project's requirements are to show the audience the proper way to perform the skills included in the video. Students were tasked to include step by step instructions and drills to ensure the viewer can correctly learn the content. 

Video Rubric
During this project, students work collaboratively in small groups to plan out, act in and edit the final product. Students then upload their videos to Schoology, our learning management system. The physical education teachers use this project each year as a review activity for the students and as a common assessment for their eighth grade students. They use the rubric pictured to assess the products.

Screen cast for Team Handball
Students use their iPads in physical education in other ways as well. As you can see in this video, physical education teachers have been creating instructional videos for their students using screen casting software for years. These videos are put in Schoology and students watch them before beginning a unit. The teachers have also created assessment quizzes as follow ups to the videos to check for understanding. This flipped classroom model allows for increased time in class for physical activity instead of taking time for direct instruction during class.

Sample Student Activity Log
A third way students use iPads in PE is to keep an activity log in Notability. Students record their sedentary, moderate and rigorous activity, as well as their sleep. They then look at their data and overall averages for a week and complete reflection questions on how they feel about the results. Students work to find ways to be more active, sleep more/less, etc.

Each of these activities demonstrates how technology is used to augment and accelerate learning for physical education students in Minnetonka Schools. Communication, collaboration, creativity, and authentic and real world learning are important skills for today’s students, and the use of technology for learning enhances this learning.

Thanks to Eddie, Keegan, and Robert for permission to share their Basketball Skills Video and to Hunter, Harrison, and Nick to share their Soccer Skills Video.

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