Monday, June 19, 2017

40+ Elementary iPad Integration Examples

We just finished the second year of 1:1 iPads with our fifth grade students. We began our 
1:1 program six years ago at our high school and expanded it gradually to include all students in grades 5-12. We have instructional technology support teachers for elementary, middle, and high school who are key to providing our teachers with training and support and making our program a success. The staff in these positions sometimes return to full time teaching or move into different roles and we have new teacher-leaders begin working in this role.

Our elementary coach will be new next year, so as a way to help this new coach become familiar with what has been happening in fifth grade classrooms with iPads, our current tech coach, Andrea Hoffmann, had each teacher made a page in an eBook this spring about a favorite iPad use, lesson, or goal achieved (PDF version). All of these pages were compiled and shared among all the teachers and then given to the new instructional technology coach. The book contains all sorts of ideas for using iPads for instruction and learning, from formative assessment to green screening, Book Creator to Explain Everything. It offers a great snapshot into fifth grade classrooms at all six of our elementary schools. 

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