Monday, December 22, 2014

My Christmas Ed Tech Moonshot Wish

Two weeks ago at the Minnesota TIES State Technology Conference when I co-presented with Jen Hegna, Director of Information and Learning Technology for Byron Public Schools, on 1:1 Professional Development: Beyond Year One, we ended our presentation by sharing our dreams for the future or "Moonshots" (think Google 10X Thinking). With Christmas a few days away, I figured a posting my My Christmas Ed Tech Moonshot Wish was fitting:

A marriage between Apple and Google.  

Imagine an ed tech world where products and programs from both companies worked seamlessly. (Cue John Lennon soundtrack if you wish.) Take the best of both and merge them together. Google Apps for Education fully functioning on a iPad tablet. No separation between platforms or operating systems. A Chromebook iPad, putting to rest the questions about "Which is better?" All the billions of dollars of both companies working together for the good of all... just imagine! It's easy if you try. All the innovative projects in each company's pipeline functioning with one another- wearing your Apple Watch with Google Glasses riding in your Google Driverless Car designed by Apple...  

So Santa, I know, it's a long shot and at lot to ask. But only a moonshot! Please?

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