Monday, June 12, 2017

School's Out But Teachers' Learning Doesn't Stop: Summer Professional Development in Minnetonka

As in past summers, now that the students have left we have numerous options for Minnetonka teachers' professional development. Hundreds of our teachers will spend time in classes and trainings we offer beginning this week, continuing in July and into August right up until school begins. We have both face to face and online training options. Annually over 400 Minnetonka teachers take technology professional development classes during the summer months in addition to the other curriculum trainings and courses offered. Summer is a prime time for teacher training to occur. Our summer program has grown considerably over the past 12 years--back in 2005 we only had eight technology related classes!

Over the next three months there are technology classes related to iPads, Schoology, computer coding, digital health and wellness, maker spaces, Google, research/fake news and more. In addition to technology classes, there are also many non-technology sessions offered such as classes on assessment, engagement, special needs, and our teaching and learning framework. We also offer extensive training sessions in August for all of our new teachers.

We use My Learning Plan to manage all of this. Teachers can sign up and drop classes, automatically be notified and reminded of classes and locations, and we can track rosters, waitlists, and CEUs. Teachers receive a stipend for the time they spend learning in summer technology sessions.
More details about this summer's technology options are below (open in a new window):

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