Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Technology Professional Development for 400+ Minnetonka Teachers

Over 400 individual Minnetonka teachers attended one or more technology professional development classes this summer! That's a lot of learning! On average, teachers took between two and three different tech classes. 

In the past I've written about the need to differentiate teacher training in order for a 1:1 iPad program to be successful. Summer is one of the ways we make this happen. For the past ten years we have offered a number of summer technology training options for our teachers. Options have grown from just eight classes over four days in August 2005 to almost 90 sessions available over three months this summer, including online. 

In addition to technology classes, there are also many non-technology sessions offered for Minnetonka teachers each summer, too, such as new curriculum training, classes on assessment, engagement, special needs, and much more. We use My Learning Plan to manage this--teachers can sign up for and drop classes, automatically be notified and reminded of classes and locations, and we can track rosters, waitlists, and CEUs. Teachers receive a stipend for up to 12.5 hours of pay for the time they spend learning in summer technology sessions. More details about this summer's technology options are below:

In June, 80 Minnetonka teachers attended one or more of 53 technology sessions over two days along with teachers from all over the Midwest. More info about our June Institute.

Once again this summer we offered online options for learning, allowing teachers to work at their own pace and at a time of their choosing. This summer we had 35 teachers choose to learn more about Screencasting with iPads or the Formative Assessment Toolkit.

August Teaching & Learning Academy
This year we had five days of classes in August starting two weeks before school begins. View the August schedule here and read all the class descriptions. Over 200 different teachers took at least one or more technology classes.

New this year, we held the first Minnetonka Wayzata Tech Summit at Wayzata Central Middle School. Wayzata is a neighboring school district to our north, has had a 1:1 iPad Program for Grades 4-12 for three years, and uses iPads and Google E-12. Minnetonka and Wayzata staff collaboratively led 25 sessions focused on ways to use iPads and Google tools in the classroom in all subject areas.  It was a great opportunity for teachers to collaborate with colleagues from both districts! Over 100 teachers from each district were on hand for this inaugural event.

New Teachers
Each year we welcome a number of new teachers to the district. New teachers take a number of classes prior to beginning in Minnetonka, including technology classes. This year 70 new teachers were hired and learned how we integrate technology into Minnetonka's classrooms.

It's been a busy summer of learning for teachers in Minnetonka! Now the students will benefit!

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