Monday, August 24, 2015

This Isn't Your Parents' Education

Last month I reminisced after watching Back to the Future with my kids and had three related posts. Today's post easily could be part four in that series. Our videographer, Andy Smith, recently produced another great video highlighting the differences between the education of Minnetonka students today and that of their parents.  For this piece, he showcases a father and son, Brian and Tyler. Brian graduated in 1984 from Minnetonka High School and Tyler goes to MHS today.  Brian offers to help his son with his homework. Tyler shows his dad that everything is on his iPad, and Brian discovers that the content is a lot harder than he remembers from his schooling:

I can certainly relate to Brian. As a parent of four children in Minnetonka Public Schools, I'm amazed at everything they are doing and the complexity of the material they are learning. My oldest daughter, a sophomore, is taking AP Calculus this year, which I didn't take until I was a senior. My other three kids, grades 1, 5, and 7, are in Minnetonka's Spanish Immersion program and are already pretty fluent speakers.  They have gone to school learning in Spanish-only classrooms beginning in Kindergarten. As a student, my first German classes didn't start until middle school. And my three oldest kids are part of Minnetonka's 1:1 iPad Program, while I remember my first time using a computer at Hastings High School in tenth grade on Apple IIe computers! Minnetonka students are doing great, and their test scores show just how well:

As stated below the video description on YouTube, "Minnetonka students enjoy a cutting edge education. The one-to-one iPad program and other technologies in the classroom create a state of the art learning environment. Students have never been more connected to their work, their teachers or the world waiting for them." It's truly an amazing time to be a student in Minnetonka, and my wife and I feel so blessed to have our children be Minnetonka Skippers!

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