Monday, July 3, 2017

Immersive Technology Accelerates Learning in World Language Classes

Technology is used to enhance and accelerate learning in Minnetonka classrooms. Our world language classrooms are just one of the many places where this is evident daily. Whether you are in our Chinese or Spanish immersion classrooms beginning in kindergarten or in our middle or high school elective world language classes, technology is used to help students better learn languages. 1:1 iPads for all of our grade 5-12 students help make this happen.

As you will see in the video about Immersive Technology in Minnetonka World Language Classes, students use their iPads for all sorts of learning activities. Students record oral exams which frees up days of class time, increasing time and opportunities for students to learn even more. Teachers have also found that their students rehearse their speaking exercises more ahead of time, too. Students collaborate and communicate with one another using tools like Google Docs. They write and annotate scripts using Notability. Students act and film projects using video and tools like iMovie, Adobe Spark and DoInk Green Screen. These are all skills that are part of the Minnetonka Framework for Teaching and Learning to deepen learning, making it more meaningful and engaging. I sure wish I had been able to use these tools back in my German world language textbook based classes! Es wäre so viel besser gewesen!
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