Monday, January 23, 2017

Adobe Spark Post: A Powerful Visual Impact in Lessons, Presentations, Twitter and Blogger

It's long been said that image is worth 1,000 words. In today's day and age, not many people make time to read something that's 1,000 words long, so it's even more important to choose powerful images too carefully select and use powerful images in order to make a powerful impact. Recently I remember seeing something about the likelihood of a Tweet without an image even being read, and it's pretty dismal. I can't remember exactly where I first heard of Adobe Spark Post a few months, but I've become a fan.

For anyone like me who is not a graphic artist or super creative when it comes to ideas on how to create an title slide or social media image, Adobe Spark Post is a wonderful tool. You can simply enter in your text and it will automatically suggest a picture and font, layout, and color scheme. If you want, each of these components is also easily editable and with a few clicks, you can alter the look and feel completely. You can upload your own images, too. 



I'm somewhat embarrassed to even show a couple of my own examples, but I think by doing so you'll see the power of using a tool like Adobe Spark Post. Above are two recent before and after title slides from my presentations at the Minnesota TIES technology conference last month. Think about the feeling each image conveys about the presentation content and quality. The Adobe Spark Post title slide is much more professional and engaging. As the Head & Shoulders Shampoo commercials that were on TV when I was a kid use to remind us, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Recently I was reminded of the importance and power of a good, eye-catching image and headline. In our local Twin Cities paper, an article explains how area restaurants are actually selecting their lighting, decorations, color schemes, and even table and plate colors to best showcase their restaurant on Instagram through customer photos. (How Instagram is changing the game for Twin Cities restaurants). While I personally don't take pictures of restaurants or food I eat and post them to any social media channels, I know that many do. It's another example of power of images in today's world.

In our 1:1 iPad program, Adobe Spark Post is one of the many apps available to our students to use as they create products to showcase their learning. Visual literacy is an important skill for today's students. We should all pay attention to the images we choose and use and make an effort to create engaging and impactful title slides in our lessons for students, presentations, and media posts. Adobe Spark also has a page creator and a video creator, so there are a lot of possibilities for education you should check out. 

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