Monday, July 17, 2017

Immersive Technology Accelerates Learning in Science

Minnetonka science teachers use a variety of technology tools to enhance understanding, feedback, collaboration, and make learning engaging for students. Starting 15 years ago when interactive whiteboards were first used in our classrooms, our science teachers have been using all types of technology tools, software, websites, simulations, and more to accelerate learning. Now with 1:1 iPads for all of our grade 5-12 students, students each have continual access to these great tools and resources every day.  

As you will see in the video, high school science teacher Jenica Dummer uses ClassKick to interact with her students and provide them with immediate feedback. She can see and check their work in real time. Even the quietest students can ask the teacher a question electronically. In addition to ClassKick, Minnetonka teachers use other formative assessment technology tools such as PearDeck, Kahoot and Quizlet Live.
Also highlighted in the video is chemistry teacher Sean Holmes. Sean uses technology with iPads to help his students understand concepts and learn more thoroughly. As shown, students use Schoology, our learning management system, to frequently take quizzes and as a learning hub for accessing files and turning in assignments. High school science students use Vernier probe ware to capture data on their iPads. Students use the iPad's camera to take time lapse video and use Notability to annotate their lab notes with digital ink. They also use Google Docs and Sheets regularly for their work to communicate and collaborate with one another.

Back when I was a middle school science teacher almost 20 years ago, I was fortunate to have four student laptops and some probe ware. Digital cameras required a floppy disk and our school had a couple available for check out. During my final year in the classroom, I had an interactive white board and projector. There was certainly a lot more time spent and work involved to access and share files back then. Today's tools have made things so much more seamless and efficient, which result in increased opportunities for learning and understanding!
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