Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Leader/ship Wisdom from Bill George: Finding Your True North

Last week former Medtronic CEO Bill George spoke at Minnetonka High School about leadership. His talk was geared toward high school students, but many parents, community members, and business professionals were present as well. He did a nice job sharing his wisdom and ideas not only about leadership, but life in general. He encouraged the students to make the most of their lives, emphasizing that life is precious and you only have one life to live. He spoke about the importance of having a mission in life, doing what you are both good at and what makes you happy. He explained that this inner self is your True North.

Bill shared that many leaders who he met did not have a purpose, or postponed their purpose for promotions, wealth, status, power, and other things that didn't make them happy. He encouraged the students to do something that helps others. He repeatedly talked about being a servant leader, thinking about the customer or individuals who are affected by the work you do and the decisions you make. Bill also explained how the best leaders also care and serve the individuals and teams who they lead, encouraging them and caring for them, in turn making them better. It was great to hear such care and empathy expressed by a CEO. I hope the students will go on to become great leaders with integrity and compassion.

I didn't write down everything he said, but did Tweet a few of his comments and quotes that I really liked.  I've Storified them below, and hope you gain further insight into Bill's advice by reading them:

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