Monday, November 16, 2015

Home Sick? Absent Minnetonka Students Caught Up Before They Return

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My seventh grade son was out sick for three days recently with micro pneumonia--not fun. Thankfully some rest and medicine took care of it, and after the fever was gone he was able to return to school. During his absence, I was amazed at how easy it was for him to work on his schoolwork and stay caught up. He basically only had to make up some tests when he returned.

A major reason for his ability to stay caught up is Schoology, our eLearning platform or LMS (Learning Management System). Because our teachers list their homework in Schoology when it is assigned, students know what they missed even when they are absent. In addition to listing homework, most teachers also attach the file(s) that accompany the homework, such as a PDF or link to a video, post an update summary of the learning that day, as well as include material and content beyond the homework that the students would have used during class. This really minimizes the learning gap that had existed in the past. 

The images I've included in the post are all screenshots from his iPad, showing a sample of items he worked on from home while he was out sick. In addition to Schoology, our Grade 5 - 12 students use iPads, so most of the schoolwork they do is completed on their iPad. The paperless digital document cycle allows students to get the materials from the teacher, work on them, and turn them back in, even when they are sick and at home. Watch a 1 minute video here.

30 years ago when I was a littler Dave and got sick for a few days, I'd either wait until I got back to class to find out what I'd missed, or my parents would call the school and request that my homework get collected and they'd stop by school to pick it up. Then I'd get started on my work, try to figure out what had happened during class, and attempt to get as much done as I could before I returned. A few decades later, technology now allows Minnetonka students to stay on track while they are gone and be caught up before they even return to school. 

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