Monday, December 7, 2015

6,000 Hours of Coding this Week @TonkaSchools

Photo by Jeremy Engebretson
(Updated 12-14-15: Minnetonka students completed 7,843 hours of coding last week, surpassing our goal! Watch local NBC News Story here.)

This week is the annual Hour of Code and Minnetonka K-12 students have set a goal to complete 6,000 hours of coding activities. Elementary Technology Coaches Jeremy Engebretson and Andrea Hoffmann, working with each school site's coding coordinator and media specialist, have organized a buffet of options in addition to the the regular coding curriculum that all K-5 students cover. They have visual charts, like the one pictured on the right at Deephaven Elementary, ready to track students' hours with a running total. Students will add up the time they spend in school, at home, and in after school coding clubs during the week.

Students actually spend a lot more time throughout the rest of the school year doing coding activities. A year ago Minnetonka Public Schools implemented the state's first K-5 coding curriculum for all students called Tonka <Codes>. In Kindergarten, students use Bee Bots to learn the basics of programming.  In first grade, students use iPad apps like Kodable and Lightbots are used in second grade. Starting in grade three and continuing through grade five, students are using Tynker software. Additional options are in place at each school with after school clubs, such as Minnetonka Coder Dojo and Raspberry Pi. Some schools are using KanoSphero, and Finch Robots.  Check out some videos and links below for more information.

See for yourself!  Watch videos about:
Minnetonka Elementary Coding
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More resources can be found here:
Details about the Curriculum and Program

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