Monday, February 27, 2017

If My Parents Only Knew: My NBC KARE 11 Interview About Kids, Tech & Parenting

Last week Julie Nelson, news anchor on NBC KARE 11 TV, interviewed me as part of a series on parenting and technology entitled If My Parents Only Knew. Unlike my first appearance at KARE 11 talking about kids and technology, this format was not a pre-recorded story but an open interview for 15 minutes discussing some of my Top 10 Tips for Tech Healthy Kids. Once again, I answered questions from viewers through Facebook.

We talked about the importance of proactively sharing values and expectations with kids around technology, including keeping devices out of kids' bedrooms overnight and the great resources for parents available at Common Sense Media. We discussed the need for parents and adults to model a healthy balance with technology, including tech free dinners and being where their feet are. I also talked about the need to limit exposure to inappropriate material on our kids' screens by using filters both at home (I use Open DNS with Netgear Parental Controls) and on phones (I use and recommend Curbi). My list of tips and resources was shared with  the online audience.

The entire series for the week is a great educational resource for parents and included three other interviews about apps parents should know about, how technology is used to cheat, and revenge porn and sexting. You can view those interviews hereA big thanks to Julie Nelson and KARE11 for dedicating so much time to this important topic last week! Please make time to learn about these important topics, talk with your own kids, relatives, and/or students about them, and share these links and resources with others. Together we can all help keep today's kids safer, more healthy, and well balanced in their use of technology! 

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