Monday, February 13, 2017

Over 40 More iPad Integration Ideas for Elementary, Middle, & High School

Last week I presented at the Ed Tech Teacher Innovation Summit in San Diego along with one of our middle school principals, Dr. Paula Hoff, and one of our high school instructional technology coaches and science teachers, Patricia Price. We presented another edition of "Tonka Teacher Talks." We showcased over 40 Minnetonka 1:1 iPad teachers' examples of iPad integration in a variety of elementary, middle & high school curricular areas. We explained how each example fit into our Minnetonka Framework for Teaching & Learning and moved beyond SAMR to create more meaningful, deeper, and engaging learning experiences for students. 

The presentation is a collection of over 40 great things happening in Minnetonka classrooms daily harnessing the power of iPads for teaching and learning. It has many links to examples of students' work as well as some links to videos. Elementary examples are on slides with a green background, middle school examples have a yellow background, and high school examples are on a blue background. We are fortunate in Minnetonka to have so many great teachers doing amazing things with their students. You can view the slideshow presentation below.  

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