Monday, December 17, 2018

Photo Recap: 7,300+ Hours of December Coding in Minnetonka Schools

Grade 6 STEM students programming with Scratch

Two weeks ago was the International Hour of Code. Each of our elementary schools participated, and a total of over 7,300 hours of coding by classes was logged for K-5 students. In addition to these hours, students in many classes at both of our middle schools participated in coding activities in their core subject classes and STEM classes, as well as an elective coding class in eighth grade, but these hours were not tallied. Coding is also offered as an elective in our high school.

I've posted just a few of the photos of students coding during this time to give you a glimpse of some of the many activities that took place.  

Minnewashta Elementary Kindergartener
illustrating sequences, photo by Shelly Traver.

Minnewashta Elementary 1st Grade
made binary bracelets.
Scenic Heights Elementary students
coded Ozobots, photo by Melinda Barry.
Scenic Heights Kindergarteners programmed
Bee Bots, photo by Amy Altenberg.
Deephaven Elementary held an after school
Coding Party, photo by Kelli Whiteside.

6th Grade STEM classes using Scratch
Clear Springs Elementary students trying one another's
coded games, photo by Tiffany Miley.
Clear Springs Elementary students using
Dash And Dot, photo by Tiffany Miley

6th Grade Science programming Spheros
6th Grade Scratch project

6th Grade STEM illustrating loops 
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