Monday, July 30, 2018

Over 20% of Minnetonka Teachers Are Learning Online This Summer

This summer we are offering more online learning options for our teachers than ever before. Currently over 20% of our teachers signed up for a class, many of which are already underway. There are 18 different classes from which they can choose, each taught by Minnetonka staff who are sharing their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues. There are classes on coding, screen casting, reading instruction, and much more. Farther below is the complete list.

These classes allow teachers to work at their own pace at a time of their choosing while learning. Courses open in July or August and must be finished by the first day of school. Teachers can continue to sign up over the next month, so in the end we anticipate that more than just 20% of our teachers will have done an online class. All courses are run through our learning management system, Schoology, using the same platform and tools our teachers use with their students in both their face-to-face instruction and through our online student program, Tonka Online. We also have numerous face-to-face classes for teachers in late August. Some of these classes are offered both online and face-to-face, so it will be interesting in the end to see which method of instruction and delivery is preferred.

In addition to our returning teachers taking one or more classes online this summer, we also are offering our approximately 75 new teachers online training. In the coming weeks, these new teachers will learn about technology and other topics like our teacher evaluation process prior to beginning new teacher face-to-face workshops and then beginning teaching on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 4.

Here is the list of online class options for returning teachers. Links will lead to full descriptions of each course:
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