Monday, April 2, 2018

Minnebytes Year 2: 50 More Examples of High School iPad Integration

For a second year in a row our high school 
instructional technology coaches are compiling a weekly newsletter highlighting three ideas for integrating iPads in the classroom. Each week as they are out in classrooms working with teachers, our three high school instructional tech coaches see these firsthand. They snap a photo, write a few sentences describing the lesson they observe, explain how the lesson fits in with our Teaching & Learning Framework, and then put each of them on a slide in a continuous Google Slide deck.

This is the second time I've posted about this. Last year I wrote about the first round of ideas shared. These ideas continue to be shared weekly with staff as well as parents. It is a great way to educate everyone about the possibilities and power of using iPads and technology in instruction. We continue to track views of these weekly ideas by both staff and parents using the free analytics tools available through 

In addition to these high school examples, ideas are regularly shared at our other schools as well. Take a look yourself at all the great ways teachers and students are leveraging technology for learning!

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